Klapetech provides you with professional aerial photos and videos

Our company KLAPETECH Image Ltd. has excellent knowledge and experience in the operation of unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) and offers to customers a wide range of uses. Our creative approach in capturing aerial photos extends the capabilities and potential of the company. With our superior technology one hundred percent satisfaction is guaranteed. Our machines and pilots are registered under civil aviation authority.

KLAPETECH Image Ltd. - We offer a highly qualified and professional work in the field of aerial photos, aerial video and industrial use of drones. Our company has all the necessary certificates and has all the necessary permits, which are essential to carry out this activity.
aerial videos

Aerial video footage will amaze your customers or potential business partners. It doesn’t end with video shooting. We do also postproduction.

letecké videa
Aerial photographs

We offer quality pictures in high definition and will also make all necessary changes to the frame so that the result is perfect.

letecké fotografie
drone inspections
industrial utilization

Use of drones offers a wide range of applications and we offer some ways to help your business too.

průmyslové využití

We offer excellent knowledge and experience in the operation of drones.

Understanding client’s requirements as well as mastering proper control of the drone while filming aerial shots are key elements for a successful implementation of the contract. The sense for good shots and understanding client‘s requirements at the first meeting are our great assets. Thus, we are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients. We own full range of equipment to maximize the potential of the machine.

Thanks to clever marketing and the low-budget costs, we are able to offer very attractive prices. Our goal is not only profit but also satisfied customer.

Are you interested in aerial photography and video? Contact us.

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We are one of few companies that have a permit for aerial work

Klapetech image Ltd. It is one of the few companies in the country with permission to operate unmanned aerial vehicles. It is also one of the few companies that meet the criteria of Annex II of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 216/2008

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